About Us

Evrotur Real Estate are real estate properties, owned by the group of companies "Evrotur", the most important of which are: Vest 2015 Ltd., Evrotur Group JSC, Evrotur Relax Sat TV Ltd. and Evrotur Sofia Ltd.

In the years 1994 - 2007 Est JSC was a major participant in the telecommunication sector on the Bulgarian market through the cable operator Evrotur Sat TV JSC /with the trademark EstNet/, which specialized in the "triple service" - cable TV, internet and telephone. After the mergers and acquisition in the sector, the company left the telecommunications market and concentrated its efforts in the real estate sector. It invested in two business centers in Sofia. On 13 January 2009 Permition to Use received the first one of the two - Business Center "Evrotur", with a total investment of 9 M BGN, and on 5 August 2010 - the same happened for Business Center "Evrotur 2". In the next years the company plans new investments in the construction of real estate, following its successful model so far.