Our properties are mainly concentrated in the two business centers "Evrotour" and "Evrotour 2",
but we also cover other locations and cities.

Administrative properties

Business Center "Evrotur"

The "Evrotour" business center offers offices of different sizes, warehouses and other premises for sale and for rent. The sites are in the basement, on the ground floor as well as on the third, fourth and fifth floors.

Administrative and residential real estate

Business Center "Evrotur 2"

Business center "Evrotour 2" is conditionally divided into two parts: administrative and residential. There is a basement level shared for the two buildings, which is designed for storage rooms, underground garage and underground substation.

Administrative and residential real estate

Other locations

Although the main part of our portfolio consists of sites in the two "Evrotour" business centers, we also offer single residential and administrative properties in other locations, as well as in other cities in Bulgaria.

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